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detailed drawing of converse sneakers
The name of the business -Inkling Designs

Original Cartoon Art

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About Me
Leah, the owner of Inkling Designs
A detailed drawing of a football boot
A detailed drawing of an Adidas Stan Smith shoe a d i d a s S T A N S M I T H


I'm Leah. I've always enjoyed art. Lately I'm having fun with cartooning. It's joyful for me. My favourite part is drawing the shoes - who knew shoe art would be a thing? I'll spend hours perfecting a shoe, I get a lot of fun out of it. The perfect rivet, the individual laces. I won't leave them until I'm 100% happy. You might think I have a lot of shoes in my personal life but not really. I just love the intricacy of the drawing. I use the pen tool in Illustrator for the lines. My partner was watching the other day and said it was like I was doing surgery - I hope that doesn't disrespect any actual surgeons out there :)
Besides my involvement with the shoes... what I really want to do is put a smile on your face - that's my main aim. Painting, sculpture, cartoons whatever it is, art can be something that you see that just makes you smile and I love that.
There are a lot of photo to cartoon apps that are a quick version of a person but what I do isn't like that. I want to spend time to do something that is personal for you. I would describe my art as a gentle but detailed take on things.
more dashes
drawing of two circles, it's just a fun decoration
dashes leading from one cartoon to the next
dashes leading from one cartoon to the next

cartoon examples

more dashes
A cute cartoon of a motocross rider
A cartoon of a wrestler, lots of drawn detail on his wrestling boots
Converse wearing cartoon of a twenty year old man

This guy is my husband and this is my first cartoon. He's a motorcross rider. He wanted something fun for his website He also used this image as a surprise sticker for under the mudguard of one of his bikes.   

A 20th birthday was

the occasion for this


Leon is a personal trainer who used to wrestle professionally under the moniker LPG. @supertraineruk

Stefan also rocks out with long, luscious locks and the unique style and awesome design of his Gibson Flying V.  Shout out to the hairbands of the 90's!


Dentist by day, rocker by night.

This is Stefan, his boot of choice 

is New Rock. His guitar is a Snakeskin Signature Collection Gibson.

This group of friends are actually in their fifties now but this cartoon takes them back to the 1980's

Cartoon Examples

so, what do i need from you?

A high resolution colour photo. One is fine but send as many as you like. The latest phones take photos that should work just fine. It's best if the photo is scanned and sent through via email or wetransfer. For a team or group, please send an individual pic of each person so I can hone in on everyone. I also want to know what your favourite shoes are. If you let me know the brand name, model, colour and any info, I can then google them and see from different angles and get the detail that I will then have all my fun time with! There is a contact form in the contact section. Eg in a team situation, I really want to know each and every players favourite type of footy boot or any other personal things like tattoos etc. If there are any clothes or items that are special to you I'd love to know because those are the things that help me make the artwork more meaningful.


The Inkling Designs logo, it is cross shaped but square

Q.  How long will my cartoon take to make?

A. I aim to finish your cartoon within 7 days. I will update you if there is any problem.


Q.  What can I use the cartoon for?

A.   The world's your oyster. Get it printed to frame, put it on a T-shirt, use it for a tattoo,         there are so many uses. It will work in a fun way on all your social  media.

Contact Me
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